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The Secret Ingredient(s)…

The experts discuss the merits of adding ‘secret ingredients’ to your products.

Want to throw your competition off the scent? A valuable way to protect your brand from counterfeits is to include ‘secret ingredients’ into your product. This clever trick can help those in the know, such as your trusted network, to identify a fake no matter how close to the real deal it may look.

Subtle touches and details such as adding a thread that is only visible under special lighting or a bespoke holographic security image will make your product harder to replicate. Whatever you chose should become part of your manufacturing spec, an integral component of the product.

Share these secrets sensibly with the Customs Authorities (if, for example you are registered with the EUIPO Enforcement Database, or other similar programmes) or other key stakeholders, to help those in the know spot and report fakes quickly.

It’s also worth giving your packaging a refresh on a regular basis. Did you ever wonder why there are so many limited-edition designs for stamps? It’s to make counterfeiting harder. Switch your packaging with seasonal, limited edition, and new designs often. Update your website and social media with images of the new packaging and provide your e-commerce vendors with updated product pictures.

‘Knowledge is power’ is the topic of our next blog so make sure to have a read!


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